Covid-19 and Insurance

The BAB has training insurance in place covering civil liability and personal accident for Associations, Clubs, Instructors and Students.  This insurance is operative on the understanding that DCMS Covid-19 sport training guidance is being followed.  It does not, however, cover claims resulting from Covid-19 infection as a result of such training.   Associations, Clubs and individuals are also reminded that cover is dependant upon individuals and clubs being registered as in membership of the BAB vide the monthly membership returns.  So if you intend returning to training in April please ensure you are listed on your Association’s membership return for that month - or a subsequent month if returning later.
Safe training to you all,
Vincent Sumpter
BAB Insurance Liaison Officer

For Students

For a new student to be covered by BAB insurance through the ARF they must submit the student membership form and make payment (£20 + postage). Their instructor must also complete the instructors form below.

For Instructors